Areas of responsibility of the board

Chairman and vice-chair

The chairman directs the work of the board and the association. The chairman is also ultimately responsible for all the activities of the association. The Vice-President shall assist the President in official and administrative matters. If the chairman is prevented from attending the meetings, the vice-chairman shall chair the meeting. The chairman and vice-chairman shall together form the bureau.

The bureau manages the association more formally: responds to contacts, convenes board meetings, takes a position, represents, sends applications and prepares documents relevant to the association's activities, such as an action plan and report, and ensures that minutes are kept of each meeting. The important task of the bureau must also be achieved, because through the bureau you can get your case to the board the fastest.


The secretary is responsible for writing the minutes of the meetings and maintaining both an electronic and a physical record of the minutes. The secretary's duties also include maintaining the membership register and the Opex list of deputies.

Head of finance

Head of finance takes care of Opex's cash flow and accounting. In addition to accounting, the financial manager takes care of the invoices, keeps the rest of the board informed of the association's financial situation and monitors the implementation of the budget.

Head of educational policy

The task of the person in charge of education policy is to monitor the interests of students in connection with their studies. The task of the education policy officer is to stay on the map of what is happening in the world of study, both locally and nationally. Tasks also include collecting feedback related to studies and organizing events that provide additional training. In matters and matters related to studies and studying, it is worth contacting the person in charge of education policy. The head of education policy also ensures that students are represented in the university's administrative bodies and in the department's working groups. The education policy officer is also responsible for co-operation between the department's staff and students, for example by organizing various events.

Head of social affairs

The tasks of the social policy officer include monitoring the interests related to the overall well-being of students and student and working life. The role of the social policy officer is to keep up with the times and to provide the membership with information on issues and changes in local and national student life, for example in connection with student support and health services. The social policy officer also organizes events that support students' well-being, such as lectures on study and working life skills. It is worth contacting the person responsible for social policy, for example, in matters related to livelihoods, working life and well-being.

Head of communication

Head of communication is responsible for Opex's mails, social media and websites. He ensures that important information reaches the membership in a timely manner and strives to communicate through all of Opex's communication channels. In addition, the communications manager manages Opex's mailing lists, with the exception of the substitute-teacher-list.

Head of visual policy

As a rule, the job of the visual equivalent is to create all the pictorial material for Opex's needs. Visual equivalent works a lot with the whole board, but especially with the people in charge of organizing the events as well as the communication.

Head of events

Head of events is responsible for Opex's recreational activities, organizing various leisure events during the school year. There are traditionally more than one in charge of the events. They handle the planning, budgeting, marketing and organization of events and are often responsible for the running of the event on site. They work closely with the visual manager and the communication manager on the occasion of the events. They are also responsible for co-operation between Opex, other subject organizations and bars.

Head of sports events

Head of sports events is responsible for Opex's sports events. Often, they also organize other welfare-related, non-alcoholic events. They have quite a free hand and the main task is to refresh the membership with a variety of sports and wellness events.

The sports manager's traditional responsibilities include weekly sports shifts, sport trials, and announcing and assembling the Opex team for CampusSport's various team sport tournaments.

Head of international affairs

The task of the international affairs manager is to take care of Opex's internationality, in practice, for example, by maintaining communication also in English. The person in charge of internationality keeps abreast of what is happening in the faculty and the student union in international circles.

Other areas of responsibility of the board:

  • Head of SOOL affairs
  • Head of freshman affairs
  • Head of equality affairs
  • Head of foreign relations
  • Head of alumnus
  • Head of space
  • Head of excursio
  • Head of clubs
  • Head of environment