Opex ry

What is Opex?

Turun luokanopettajaopiskelijat Opex ry (or simply Opex) is a student organization for class-teacher-students studying in Turku Campus. Any person who completes studies on the Turku campus of the Teacher Education Department of the University of Turku can become a member.

Opex's activities include participating in and supervising the interests of its members in other educational, social and cultural matters, as well as representing the member at the national and international level. An important and visible part of Opex's activities are events organized for the membership, such as various excursions, sports and cultural activities, evening exchanges and parties.

Every year, Opex's operations are guided by a board elected by the membership. Anyone who wants can apply to the board and it is always elected at the association's autumn meeting in November.

Opex is also one of the largest members of the Finnish Teachers' Association SOOL. SOOL's job description includes driving all the interests of Finnish teacher students, including operations, at the national and international level.

Further information on Opex's operations can be found at e.g. From the For new student -page, en-Jäsenille -page, and these websites in general.