Information channels

Opex ry has various information channels at its disposal. Below you will find Opex mailing lists and various Facebook groups.

Mailing lists

Main list

The Opex mailing list provides information on upcoming events, student activities and all other matters important to our members. The Monday mail and, if necessary, the Friday package will be buzzing about upcoming events!


Substitute mailing list

As an Opex member, you have the opportunity to join the substitute email list. Membership is being reviewed. By joining the list, you will receive notifications of vacancies in your e-mail, usually at short notice. Primary school teachers in Turku and the Turku area have been informed about the e-mail list, so the substitutes are usually close to your place of study. You are required to join the list by Opex membership and your e-mail address in the Opex member register.

If teachers want to inform about vacancies, the address of the list is opex-sijaisuudet [at]


Alumni mailing list

The alumni mailing list only provides information for alumni. To be accepted on the mailing list, you must fill in the subscription form. You can join the list from the link below.

Facebook groups

Opex's bulletin board

Opex's bulletin board is a common communication channel for Opex' members. The group is informed about various events and current affairs. Please follow the instructions below!

Any of the members can publish on the bulletin board. Welcome information includes e.g. events, inquiries from other members, apartments, substitutes, etc. In summary: all matters of an informative nature concerning Opex members.


Opex's sports events

Opex's sports events provide information on e.g. sports shifts, sport trials and CampusSport tournaments.


Opex's apple basket

Opex's apple basket serves as a study-themed channel in a familiar way. Only Opexians can join the group and only by the invitation of Owl.


Opex's alumnis

Opex Alumni is a group for all Opex Alumni. Be sure to fill out the membership form to be accepted into the Facebook group.

Opex Owl is also regularly informing its followers on Instagram!