Hobby clubs

Opexin harrastekerhot:

  • Book club
  • Pöllön jumpparit (joukkuevoimistelu)
  • Opex ESC (E-sports)
  • Board game club
  • Opex Golf club
  • Opex Disc Golf (frisbeegolf)
  • Opex's fantasy ice hockey league

Come and join our Hobby clubs.

In hobby clubs, you can realize your own interests with other like-minded Opex members - even beyond the course limits! Whether the topic of the club is already familiar to you, or you would like to try something new, there is room in Opex's hobby clubs just for you. On this page you will find information about all the hobby clubs of Opex at the moment. Links to the clubs' own communication groups can be found in the weekly Monday Mail. If you are interested, feel free to contact the club leader or jump directly into the activity!

In all matters related to clubs, you can contact the club club managers. For example, all new club ideas and club leaders will be welcomed! 😉

Emma Lehmusvirta


Pöllön jumpparit

(team gymnastics)

Welcome to team gymnastics training! We exercise once a week in a nice outfit. The exercises are held alternately by the members, so everyone gets to influence the content of the workouts and enjoy the joy of gymnastics. If you are a former or current jumper, there is a team made for you. If, on the other hand, you've never exercised, you might want to give it a try if you're excited about the new sport! We also dream of competing in the future, but the primary goal is to practice at least once a week.

So feel free to join!


Opex ESC


The club is a digital game club for Opex members and focuses on video games. Mainly, Opex ESC organizes joint video game events for Opex members and provides a platform to find game buddies. Club members are also free to organize their own game events through the club's discord, and the discord's text and speech channels may be used freely. The club does not meet regularly. You can also suggest games to play yourself and look for a club to play some game that interests you.


Opex's fantasy ice hockey league

Fantasy Slots League is an annual NHL hockey betting game. The Fantasy League normally starts in September before the start of the NHL season. Fantasy League players book players on their teams at a booking event, which is a joint live event of the fantasy season and actually the highlight of the whole season. The league continues throughout the NHL season and teams can swap players and / or pick up available players. The season is won by the team that bet the best players in the NHL. The season ends at the same time as the NHL regular season and is followed by the season's closing ceremony where the winners are rewarded and reminisced about the past, talking about the puddle, spending time together and enjoying refreshments. The league is free for participants. Unfortunately, you can no longer join the league in the middle of the season.

Upcoming periods are announced through Opex's information channels.

Board game club

Interested in board games? Well now you succeeded! For Opex board game nights, it is possible to come and play various board games with other owl chicks. Board game nights would initially be held every other week and the venue would be the more familiar Educarium. The club offers a wide range of board games to play, but you can of course bring your own games. There is no need to register for board game nights, you can only arrive. For now, information about game nights runs along Opex's some channels, so check out Opex's live calendar and Monday mails. The board game club starts operating as soon as the corona restrictions ease, and we get to meet each other live again!


Disc Golf Club

The club is for all Opex members who are interested in the secrets of frisbee golf. The club is equally open to experienced players, as well as to you who are reading about the sport for the first time right now! The intention is to hold a few species trials in the spring as the weather gives way. Later, these will only be considered if the need arises (i.e. at the request of the public!). The core of the club is to provide an opportunity to enjoy the sport with other Opexians. As a club champion (Pietro Kallio) I play regularly and I always invite all club members to join me. This will be the club's operating model well into the spring. Of course, with playmates received through the club, it is also welcome to play outside the club's official plays. The group's whatsapp group can be used to search for game buddies. As the spring semester draws to a close, we are also organizing a fun tournament, more on that later!

In other words, in a nutshell:

Before the actual "start of the season", a few sport trials are arranged, where you can get acquainted with the game equipment, practice the basic techniques and also throw in a few "protips". The club also teaches how to use the smartphone app related to Frisbee golf, Upsia.

If you have any questions, miraculously contact the club manager.

Welcome aboard!