From this page you find information about

  • lukkarikone (schedules)
  • diplomas
  • secondary subjects
  • HOPS
  • OpintoVartu model


Teaching schedules and space reservations can be found on the lock machine at Instructions for using the lukkarikone can be found on the intranet (login required):


Are you graduating with a bachelor's or master's degree? So it's time to apply for a diploma! But before you apply for a diploma, make sure these things are okay:

  1. Your personal and major information is up-to-date at HOPS.
  2. You have checked your transcript in HOPS.
  3. You have applied for course entries for the study modules that you want to include in your degree as units. You can apply for entity entries using the form found on the intranet form bank (login required).

The study courses you have completed with the full-time entry application will be arranged in HOPS for study modules, which will also make it easier to fill in the diploma application.

Once these things are in order, you can apply for a diploma using the Webropol form found on the intranet form bank (login required). You will also always find up-to-date instructions for applying for a diploma on the intranet.

Secondary subjects

The Department of Teacher Education (OKL) offers secondary studies at the Rauma and Turku campuses to degree students at the University of Turku. Some of the studies are also offered as separate studies to those who supplement the degree, as well as to those who, regardless of their educational background, need studies to supplement their professional qualifications. The study of secondary subjects in a teacher education institution requires the right to study in that minor and the right to study must be applied for separately.

You can find the secondary subject supply in Peppi.

Of the secondary subjects offered by OKL, those who have completed the KK + KM degrees can choose a maximum of either

  1. one basic study unit (25 cr) and one basic and subject study unit (25 cr + 35 cr) or
  2. three basic study units (25 cr + 25 cr + 25 cr)

Only graduates of the KM degree can choose a maximum of either

  1. one basic and subject study unit (25 cr + 35 cr) or
  2. two basic study units (25 cr + 25 cr).

It is also possible to study secondary subjects from the study supply of other departments, however, secondary subjects offered by other faculties do not affect the above-mentioned quotas. It is worthwhile to get acquainted with the study guide of the faculty / department in question and to be in touch with the study supervisor.


Be sure to update your HOPS content. Also remember that it is not set in stone, but the name of your own curriculum. You can edit your HOPS in Peppi.

Acting in case of conflict

During studies, various conflict situations may arise. There may be disagreement about the exam evaluation, the content of the course does not meet expectations or some situation may feel otherwise but unfair. For these situations, there is the OpintoVartu model, which makes it easy to start exploring situations. The model can be found on OKL's intranet site, and here is a direct link to it.

The model has three stages: raising the issue, negotiating and conciliating. The aim, of course, is for problem situations to be resolved as soon as possible. Here are general guidelines on how to work to resolve conflicts as smoothly as possible.

  1. Contact us in time. In general, problems pile up if they are postponed. So feel free to contact your teacher right away if you have any concerns. If, after the lecture or demo, you do not want to stay to find out, then make an appointment or send an email to make an appointment.
  2. Don't spill everything into an email. Often when writing by email the tone is very different than when talking face to face. It's worth remembering that a constructive approach often carries the farthest! Of course, it is worth mentioning what is at stake and recording the reasons for yourself ready for discussion.
  3. Primarily, you should contact the teacher yourself. However, if for some reason this does not work, you can contact Opex booths. They know how to help you move forward. You can also contact the entire staff of the study administration if you are worried about something: they know how to help and will be happy to help!