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    Working life:

    SOOL Unemployment Insurance Fund

    Be sure to join the SOOL unemployment fund

    When joining a trade union and at the same time with the completion of the unemployment fund and the first job, 26 weeks of employment must be accumulated before being entitled to earnings-related unemployment benefit. Thus, an employment condition accumulated on the basis of possible employment during studies can be of monetary value at the very beginning of the career.

    The members of SOOL are full-time students, which is why they can only join the unemployment fund on a separate application based on employment or employment in another field of education. A student is recommended to join as a member of the fund, especially at the end of their studies, if he or she does a lot of deputies or other gainful work.

    You can also become a member of the Teachers' Unemployment Insurance Fund through SOOL on the basis of an employment relationship in the field of education, for example on the basis of a substitute. As a member of the fund, eight hours of teacher work during a calendar week accumulates a working condition, early childhood teachers are subject to the basic rule of 18 hours per week.

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    You can contact YTHS in the general-oral and mental health areas.

    Keep in mind, however, that as a student, you have paid the fall health care fee when you enroll in the academic year.

    You can find more detailed information about Turku FSHS services here.

    Visiting address

    Kirkkotie 13, 20540 Turku

    Service point opening hours

    Open Mon-Thu 8-15, Fri 8-14

    Care needs assessment and appointment

    By phone Mon-Thu 8-15, Fri 8-14

    General and mental health tel. 046 710 1050

    Oral health tel. 046 710 1047

    Patient offices

    General Health Patient Office (3rd floor)

    Oral and mental health patient offices (4th floor)

    The FSHS tuition fee will change in 2021!

    From January 2021, polytechnic and university students entitled to the services of the Student Health Care Foundation (YTHS) will pay a health care fee to Kela.

    No invoice will be sent for the fee, but the student must pay the fee to Kela on their own initiative.

    For the first time, university students will pay the health care fee to Kela for the spring semester of 2021. The health care fee can be paid in Kela's transaction service from December 2020. University students will still pay the autumn 2020 health care fee to the student union (thus included in the 88.50 euros paid in connection with the academic year registration).

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    Mieli ry:

    You can also read more about mental health on Mieli ry's website at

    Support and help:

    The emergency telephone helpline operates 24 hours a day

    tel. 09 25250111

    On my mind

    On my mind project promotes the ability of university's staff members and peer tutors to reach out when it comes to questions of mental wellbeing. Our main objective is to show we care.

    Support student activities

    At the heart of the On the Mind project is a peer support activity between students, carried out by support students from different faculties trained by the project. The goal of support student activities is that no student is left alone with their difficulties. With support students, it is possible to give confidential information about study rushes, coping, relocating, loneliness, or other questions on the mind. Support students are volunteers who also know how to enable appropriate professional assistance.

    How to contact a support student?

    You can find on the front page contact form which you can receive a contact request for support students. The form briefly describes where help is needed. The support student whose areas of strength are best suited should contact the student for approximately ten days (with the exception of vacation periods).

    After this, the support student and the contact person can agree on the continuation on a case-by-case basis.

    How to become a support student

    On the website, you will find a form to apply for as a support student.

    Visit the website for more information on the mind.