Alumni activities

On this page you will find information:

  • about Opex's alumni activities
  • how to join an Opex alumni
  • what to do before and after graduation

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Information channels for alumni:

Opex alumni on Facebook

Opex Alumni is a group for all Opex Alumni. Be sure to fill out the membership form to be accepted into the Facebook group.


Opex alumni mailing list

The alumni mailing list only provides information for alumni. To be accepted on the mailing list, you must fill in the subscription form. You can join the list from the link below.

Before graduation:

1. Credits and markings

Some time before graduation, check that the study register contains all the studies required for the degree and that there are complete entries for all the study modules included in the degree. Read more here (requires login):

2. Diploma

Once the credits and credits are in the study register, you can apply for a diploma with an electronic application.

Read more here (login required):

After graduation:

1. Opex membership for a total of 7 years, you can still enjoy Opex benefits even after graduation.

2. Completion of the degree

A student who has completed a master's degree or a bachelor's degree at the University of Turku, who has not been entitled to a master's degree, has the right to complete his / her studies free of charge for the academic year and the two academic years following the degree by registering as a postgraduate student. These studies are called postgraduate studies and are free of charge and are not included in a degree already completed.

As a general rule, studies that are offered as separate studies (excluding teacher pedagogical or special teacher studies) can be completed as in-service studies. You should always check the possibilities for completing in-service studies in the instructions of each faculty!

A postgraduate student does not have the status of a degree student and therefore cannot receive student benefits.

3. Join the SOOL Unemployment Insurance Fund